Act on Specified Commercial Transaxtions

Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law


Tachibana co.,ltd(Kyoto Bowtie)


Yohei Kawai, CEO


642-1 hashinishinichome,kamigyo-ku,Kyoto-shi,KYOTO JAPAN 602-8123


TEL +81-75-366-8505

Product Prices

Based on the price displayed for each item.
For details, please check on the page of each product.

Required amount other than item price

  • Consumption tax(This tax applies only to orders in Japan.)
  • EMS fee
  • In addition, the amount stated for each product.

Order expiration date

The expiration date of your order depends on the product.
Please refer to the individual product page for details.

Other terms and conditions

Shipping to some areas may not be accepted.
Products may run out of stock. Customers will be notified if this happens.
Further terms and conditions may be posted on the Kyoto Bowtie website.